• Smallest Gold Coin 'Picciolo'
  • Smallest Gold Coin 'Picciolo'

Smallest Gold Coin 'Picciolo'

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A numismatic coin in gold commemorating the picciolo, issued as part of the CBM's Smallest Gold Coin Programme 2013. The obverse of the coin shows the emblem of Malta with the year of issue 2013. The reverse features a representation of a picciolo bearing the coat-of-arms of Grand Master Jean de Vallete. The picciolo was a small copper coin minted in Malta during the time of the Order of St John. The coin had a diameter of 14 mm and weighed less than 1 gram, and normally depicted the arms of the reigning Grand Master on one side and the eight-pointed cross of the Order of St John on the other side. Diameter 11mm; Weight 0.50grms; Finesse 0.585 gold Minting limit 10,000 Actual sizes of coins may vary from pictures

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