• Majority Representation - Proof
  • Majority Representation - Proof

Majority Representation - Proof

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The second in a series of five coins commemorating Malta’s Constitutional History. Malta acquired the right to elect its own representatives to the Council of Government following the 1849 Constitution. However, the elected members were only a minority on the Council, which was effectively controlled by the Governor, who represented the British Government, and by his nominated members. But political developments in continental Europe, which had led to the election of representative governments, were instrumental in generating a similar sentiment in Malta. This process culminated in the granting of the 1887 Constitution, through which the Maltese were allowed to elect the majority of members to the Council of Government. The coin obverse (national side) was designed by the Maltese artist Ganni Bonnici and shows a jubilant crowd, with the Governor’s Palace in Valletta in the background. The coin reverse shows the €2 symbol, which is a common feature in all euro coins in this denomination.

Diameter 25.75mm

Gross weight 8.5grms

Alloy: Inner Nickel Brass clad Nickel  

Minting limit 10,000


Actual sizes of coins may vary from pictures

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