• Solaris 2oz AG 999 €10
  • Solaris 2oz AG 999 €10
  • Solaris 2oz AG 999 €10

Solaris 2oz AG 999 €10



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"Solaris" is Stanislaw Lem's most famous novel. In this book, the author takes up one of the most popular themes of fantasy literature - the theme of Contact. With an alien civilisation, a different form of life, or perhaps simply with the Unknown, Lem does not explicitly state this. Perhaps this is why Solaris continues to fascinate several decades after its first publication.

The coin was struck from 2 ounces of pure silver in a limited mintage of only 2,000 pieces worldwide! This factor makes it an excellent collector's coin. The reverse of the coin depicts the novel's main character, psychologist Kris Kelvin, who arrives from Earth at a research station floating above the cytoplasmic ocean that covers the planet Solaris. It is a scene from the finale of the novel , when Kelvin alone explores the surface of Solaris amidst the fantastic shapes created by the living ocean. Stanisław Lem was a futurologist, which is why the coin was refined using unique, modern techniques: the background of the reverse is decorated with a metallic colourful print, while the star is selectively plated with gold. What is more - the coin glows in the dark! Selected parts of the image have been covered with fluorescent printing. The obverse, on the other hand, features an adaptation of Daniel Mroz's graphic design.

The coin is packaged in an elegant wooden box with a certificate attesting to its authenticity.


Face Value €10

Metal Ag 999

Weight 62,2 g

Size 45 mm

Quality Antique Finish with Fluorescent Printing

Mintage 2000 pcs

Date Of Issue May 2023


Actual sizes of coins may vary from pictures. 

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