• Smallest Coin 'Third Farthing' Gold Proof
  • Smallest Coin 'Third Farthing' Gold Proof

Smallest Coin 'Third Farthing' Gold Proof



A numismatic coin in gold representing the one-third farthing issued as part of the CBM's Smallest Gold Coin Programme 2015. The obverse shows the emblem of Malta and the year of issue 2015. The reverse features a representation of the first pattern of one-third farthing used in Malta between 1827 and 1860. It depicts Britannia seated and holding a trident. The introduction of British coinage in Malta in 1825 necessitated the introduction of a coin equivalent to the grano, which was the smallest denomination used during the time of the Order of St John. The first one-third farthing was struck for use in Malta in February 1827 at the Royal Mint in England. This coin which was locally known as ?abba was no longer minted after 1913 and appears to have gone out of circulation by the 1930s. Diameter 11.00mm; Gross weight 0.50gr; Finesse 0.999 Minting limit 2,500 Actual sizes of coins may vary from pictures

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